Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a bike ride with my mates.

On Sunday while Byron was at work and Max was out shopping for motor oil and air filters, I squeezed my big butt in to my old bike shorts, looked in the mirror and cried a little at how tight they were and headed down to West End to meet up with my MATES, Sarah and Tynnielle, for a leisurely ride along the Brisbane River.

Sarah, Tynnielle and I work together at the University of Southern Queesland. After a few months of saying, “We should really get together and do something outside of work” Sarah finally took the plunge and organised a bike riding adventure in the city. She and her boyfriend, Andy, had done this ride a few weeks prior and loved it, so I really couldn't wait to get out there and "have a go" myself!


Since both Sarah and Tynnielle live on the south side of the city and I live on the north side, we decided to meet in the middle at a little park in West End. I arrived a bit early, unloaded my bike that Sarah kindly loaned me and gave it a test ride around the area. I couldn't resist taking a few more shots of the Jacaranda trees I wrote about yesterday. I am telling you, they are EVERYWHERE and just so darn pretty right now!




Before long I ran in to these two goons… oh wait, those are my friends, haha. I love both of their faces in this picture. It is a good representation of their personalities (although I am not sure they would agree with me, hehe).


That is Sarah in the white and Tynnielle in the blue.


The entire route is a beautiful walking/bike path that is situated RIGHT on the river. Any closer and we would have been in the water with the rumoured bull sharks that live there. Lucky for us, there were no mishaps and we all stayed on dry land!


After riding for a while, we stoped for lunch at this amazing burger place in South Bank. If you are ever in the South Bank area and looking for a very yummy lunch, I would highly recommend Beastie Bugers- Yuuu-umm!



Of course, an adventure with me is never complete without a group jumping photo.


Although these aren’t exactly what we were going for, I think the outtakes are often the funniest shots.


I mean, look at how much fun we were having!


17 tries later, we scored the perfect picture. While we jumped and laughed and ran to and from the camera, there were about 30 other people in this area just staring and pointing at us. But that is what good friends are for- to make sure you are not the only one being laughed at. Thanks friends :)



After our bellys were full and we were all jumped out, we climbed back on to our trusty transportation and headed towards West End. You can see a portion of the river and city on the right.




To give you a better idea of where we rode, here is a map of our route- the purple line. For those of you who are not familiar with Brisbane, the skinny piece of land that sticks out (that is labled "Brisbane") is what would be considered the city centre.... or downtown as some American's might say.


We rode from West End (Point A) through different parts of the city, under bridges and along the river to point B where we turned around and headed back to South Bank (half way back to Point A), had some lunch and then back to our cars at Point A again (whew!).

Thanks so much to Sarah and Tynnielle for an amazing day on the bikes. It is always great to get out of your normal routine and spend some time with your girlfriends. I needed that and can't wait for our next adventure!


  1. What a great thing to do on a BEAUTIFUL spring day! Friends, food, and fun~a perfect trio. And a bit of exercise in there too to top it off :)


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