Friday, October 28, 2011

translations- part II.

It seems like everyone really enjoyed the last lot (round) of Aussie/American translations, so I thought I would share a few more. Maybe make this a semi-regular thing?!

Phrase: rubbish bin
Translation: trash can
Example: “Don’t forget to empty the rubbish bin before we leave for the weekend.”
Rating: 4 stars. I think I like this one because it sounds very English to me. I don’t actually say it very often, but everyone else does and it sounds cool.

Phrase: nana nap
Translation: afternoon nap
Example: “My friend takes a nana nap every Sunday afternoon.”
Rating: 5 stars! I think this phrase is awesome and like to use it as often as possible. I think it is extra funny because the first time Max said it around my friend Carrie, she thought he was just stuttering… “nananana nap”. The conversation that followed was hilarious.

Phrase: trolley
Translation: shopping cart
Example: “I use a shopping trolley when I do my food shopping.”
Rating: 3 stars. I think this one good but I still call it a shopping cart…usually! I know some people say buggy, some people say trolley, some people say cart. You know, tomato- tAmAto!

Phrase: thongs
Translation: flip flops
Example: “I lost my tong at the beach.”
Rating: 1 star. A thong is underwear. End. Of. Story.

Phrase: blimey!
Translation: oh my goodness!
Example: “Blimey! That food is spicy!”
Rating: 5 stars. I think this word is great but I don’t actually hear it used that often. Maybe it is an old school Australian word?

Phrase: good value
Translation: a good overall person or asset
Example: “The new girl at work is really good value.”
Rating: 3.5 stars. I had a hard time understanding this one at first. To be honest, I didn’t really get it. How can a person be described as “good value”? But I guess maybe it comes from the phrase- good value for your money? Saying that someone is good to have around. A hard worker. Has a good sense of humour. Is a helpful person.

Phrase: stuffed
Translation: old, worn out, useless
Example: “These shoes are stuffed.”
Rating: 3.5 stars. I guess this could also be a substitute for other, naughtier words that we won’t mention here because this is a G rated blog :). Either way, this is a very common word used amongst all age groups.

Phrase: smart
Translation: professional
Example: “That new shirt is very smart.”
Rating: 2 stars. I still don’t really “get” this word but people use it to describe those who dress up or dress professionally. I remember the first time some told me my shirt was very smart. I am sure the look on my face very clearly read, “huh??”

Phrase: ambo
Translation: ambulance
Example: “There were three ambos at the car accident yesterday!”
Rating: 2.5 stars. Just one of the THOUSANDS of words that is shortened over here.

Phrase: chalk and cheese
Translation: opposites
Example: “She and her sister are like chalk and cheese.”
Rating: 5 stars. I LOVE this one and think it is a really good saying to compare people or things that are completely different. I mean, you can’t get any more opposite than CHALK and CHEESE!

Phrase: chook
Translation: chicken
Example: “My chooks lay 10 eggs a day."
Rating: 1 star. I personally prefer saying the full word “chicken”. The. End.

Phrase: fairy floss
Translation: cotton candy
Example: “It seems like all kids just love fairy floss.”
Rating: 5 stars. This word is wonderful and I think we should all start calling cotton candy, FAIRY FLOSS. It just makes this sugary treat that much more fun and special.

So there you are! Some new and exciting words for the non-Aussie readers to enjoy and use. Go to work and tell someone their outfit is “smart” or they are “good value”. It will make you sound cool… or stupid… but do it anyway :)


  1. I think the nap example is written about me. It is true. :)

  2. my favorites are "fairy floss" and "chalk and cheese" - when I first saw chalk and cheese, I was like what on EARTH could that mean, those words have nothing to do with each other?! right on, haha.


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