Thursday, October 6, 2011

translations- part I.

Wish you could speak Australian?  Well, I have created a short list of some words/phrases that I have learnt/learned since living here.

Phrase: sweet az/ easy az/ cool az
Translation: so sweet/ so easy/ so cool... and so on.
Example: "Those shoes are cool az!"
Rating: I give these phrase 3.5 stars.  The first few times I heard this phase I kept waiting for the end of the sentence.  I wanted to know what it was as cool as.  As easy as PIE.  As cool as ICE.  You know, I wanted someone to finish the sentence!  Now, I just like the saying and use it often.

Word: arvo
Translation: afternoon
Example: "I'll see you on Sunday arvo."
Rating: 1 star.  This word it actually pronounced "AVO" with a silent "r." There are actually many words in Australian English with the silent r- words like "Cairns" is pronounced "Cans" and the word "metre" is pronounce "meta".

Word: sunnies
Translations: sunglasses
Example: "Don't forget your sunnies this weekend."
Rating: 5 STARS.  I love this word and use it all the time.  It is an amazing word... so start usin' it!

Word: heaps
Translation: Tons/ a lot
Example: "I use the words heaps, HEAPS."
Rating: 5 stars.  I also use this word all of the time.  In my opinion, this is a great word and sounds better than saying "tons".

Word: crikey
Translation: holy smokes
Example: "CRIKEY!"
Rating: 4.5 stars.  Max actually says crikey all of the time.  Stub your toe- CRIKEY! Shut your finger in the door- CRIKEY!  Open your wallet to discover all of your money is missing- CRIKEY! Hehe, I love how he says it :)


Word: reckon
Translation: think
Example: "What do you reckon?"
Rating: 4 stars.  This is a good ol' fashion word that makes you feel great. I think it is cute and fun to say.

Word: stubbie
Translation: bottle of beer
Example: "We packed the fridge full of stubbies for the party tonight."
Rating: 4 stars.  Cool word that is definitely better than saying bottle of beer.

Word: stubbie cooler
Translation: coozie
Example: "I use a stubbie cooler to keep my drink cold."
Rating: 2.5 stars.  I think I like coozie better.

Word: Eski
Translation: Cooler
Example: "We packed our lunch in the eski."
Rating: 4 stars.  This is a fun word that just makes sense to me.  I guess because when I think of eski I think of eskimo which makes me think of being cold.  Eski- it just makes sense!

Phrase: have a go
Translation: give it a try
Example: "We had a go at cooking a roast."
Rating: 3.5 stars.  Nothing bad about this phrase.  Just middle of the line for me but I do use it all of the time.

Word: ta
Translation: thank you
Example: someone brings you a coffee.... "ta."
Rating: 4.5 stars.  At first that thought this was a weird word.  I didn't really understand it and thought people were just making a noise.  After being here for about 4 months I finally realised (realized) people were saying TA and meaning THANK YOU.

Well, that is all for now.  Enjoy!


  1. You make learning a "foreign language" fun! Will see about incorporating some of these phrases into our regular conversation too. Thanks for our morning giggle.

  2. So funny! I think "stubbies" is my favorite :)


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