Thursday, October 20, 2011

stockton beach- day 2.

Day two at Stockton did not disappoint. After our $5.50 $6.50 bacon and eggs we headed straight for the beach.


Sledge and Max- clearly Max's other brother/best friend! They even stand the same way.


The weather was a little nicer on day two. The sun was almost shinning and Aaron took that as an open invitation to go for a little swim. He played around in the water for a while, while the rest of us stood on the beach and watched. Anna Bay is known for the large amount of SHARKS that hang out around that area and I wasn't really game enough to take any chances with a possible shark encounter that day.  Maybe next time....



Brooke and Aaron


Max's other love. It does look good on the dunes though, doesn't it!?


Aaron bogged again. Instead of using the max tracks (orange things you saw in the pictures yesterday) they decided to give the Jeep a turn at rescuing the Land Cruiser.


Success!! Ps. Max took this picture and I personally think it is really great :)



Sledge and Max encouraging Aaron up the dune. Love it.


Alicia and Brooke



Umm... bogged... again...



By the afternoon the sun was really starting to show itself and I was soaking up every bit of it I could get my hands on.  Bring on summer I say!  




This is what that were calling the "Wall of Death" (or something like that). They would zoom up the dune and instead of going all the way up, they would turn sharp and head right back down. It is pretty dangerous if you don't know what you are doing... so don't try this one at home kids!


The MV Sygna ship wreck at the bottom end of Stockton Beach.


After a second full day driving around the dunes, we decided to take the smoother route home via the hard sand next to the water. Unfortunately I get car sick very easily and after 6 hours of ups and downs I was pretty green (to put in nicely).


Not something you see walking on your beach everyday is it? 


At the end of day two a warm shower, hot pizza and YouTube videos were calling our names.  Another great day with wonderful people :)

ps. still working on getting the videos to work on here, but tomorrow I'll have pictures from day 3 at stockton.  See ya then!

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