Monday, October 10, 2011

a saturday in the shed.

On Saturday morning we awoke to a loud and rainy summer storm.  It was one of (if not the first) summer storm of the season.


They are funny, these summer storms. They come down hard and loud, waking you up from your sleep with their booms and flashes. But just like that they are gone and the sun is shining again.  Although I am not a huge fan of rain, I don’t mind a really good storm.  I think if it is going to rain then it might as well rain hard and heavy.


I hate nothing more than rain that drizzles and drips- making everything damp but not wet enough to use it as an excuse to stay in your PJs and watch movies all day.  I guess this comes from growing up in Florida and having those short showers EVERYDAY.  The summer showers that would come and go so quickly that it left everything hot and steamy instead of wet and cool.  Rain should be refreshing, just like Saturday morning’s summer storm. If this summer is anything like last summer, I am sure we are in store for dozens more. 


After the storm passed, Max called up a few friends and headed out to the shed to work on the White Suzuki. In an effort to not sound too critical of this car, I will only say one thing semi-negative and move on… As much as I have enjoyed watching the love/hate relationship between Max and the White Suzuki, it has caused nothing but problems ever since it arrived at the de Baugy household.  I love that Max loves it, but I will be glad to see it leave.  That is all.


As you might remember, we had actually sold this car a few weeks ago.  But like all good things, it needed one last adjustment before  leaving our house for good.  After doing the repair at a friend’s house, Max was driving it home when the engine decided to blow up die…. Sigh…

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure no one is going to want to buy a car, not even a weekend toy car, without a working engine. But you know what, sometimes that is just how the cookie crumbles.  Engines blow up die and sales get cancelled.


The silver lining- we had a spare engine (weird, I know!) and great friends that were willing to come over and help Max.


While I am SURE this was not the way any of them wanted to spend their Saturday, I think they might have actually enjoyed the challenge.  I mean, it is not every day you get to place the engine in a car… right?!



There was no time for washing hands or eating proper food.  A little engine grease with your “hot chips” never hurt anyone.  Or has it??




And as the boys tinkered with the car; grease up to their elbows- the girls watched and took pictures and made yummy dips.


Demmi and I hard at work watching them replace the engine.




Demmi and Brad’s cob loaf dip. I will share the recipe soon because it was yuuuu-ummm!


And in the end, the boys smiled and cheered because the engine worked and the car started! Yeaaaaaa!!


Team Suzuki engine - Brad, Max and Ryan

A special thanks to Brad, Demmi, Ryan and Ciara for spending a Saturday in the shed!!

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