Tuesday, October 18, 2011

road trip.

After months of anticipation, the time finally came for Max and I to pack up our bags (and cars) and make the 10 hour journey down to Stockton Beach, New South Wales. I will explain Stockton a bit more tomorrow but for now we will just discuss the happenings of the road trip down there.


Our original plan was to leave on early Friday morning, but the excitement of the trip and Max’s anticipation for getting down there as soon as possible quickly moved our plans forward and before I knew it, we were packed up and on the road immediately after work on Thursday night. Since we were off for a four-wheel driving adventure we decided to bring both the Land Cruiser (for a comfortable drive) and the blue Suzuki (for a more adventurous drive). I mean, who doesn't bring two cars on their road trips??


Unfortunately for us, Thursday was a very stormy day.  A series of storms had already rolled through and the roads were a traffic filled nightmare.  We packed up as quickly as we could before the next storm hit and headed off into the night. 


As quickly as we got started, we were stopped in bumper to bumper traffic and heavy rain storms. It. Was. Slow. Going.


An hour and a half later we were FINALLY out of Brisbane and really on our way towards the weekend's adventures. After about five hours of driving and entering in to a new time zone, we decided it was probably time we stopped for the night. At that point we were in the middle of NOWHERE New South Wales and it was almost midnight. As we drove through the empty, dark highway I began to Google places to stay (God bless the iphone) and let me tell you, it wasn’t lookin’ good! We ended up pulling over at the sketchiest, most scary old place I have ever seen. It was called the Plantation Motel and must have been about 1 million years old.

We pulled up, rang the “after hours bell” and waited for someone to come. It was dark. It was late. And it was empty. We were the only people at this place and I think both of us were considering sleeping in the car for a few seconds there. Eventually this very old couple arrived at the door in their PJ’s and robes and told us it would be $80 for the night. We didn’t have the heart to turn around and run away so we paid the fee and walked hesitantly towards our scary looking room. I wish I had been able to get a good picture of the outside of this place because it was unbelievable. Instead you will have to settle for the pictures below of the inside of this little gem.


The lemon, melon and sky blue bathroom....


After working all day and sitting the car for hours I was really ready for a shower and a good night’s sleep.  The shower was a bit… well… old and took about 10 minutes for the hot water to reach our room. Max and I figured it was probably because no one had used it in over 10 years.  I just loved how the hot tap was on the right instead of the left and they labelled it with what looks like blue sparkle nail polish :)


I was a bit scared of that little door on the left side of the bed...


After a cold shower (it finally got hot right at the end as I was getting out) Max and I climbed into the creaky bed with a thud and laughed ourselves to sleep. Afterall, this was a road trip and what is a good road trip without some crazy accommodation?!?

Stay tuned for more Stockton adventures tomorrow!

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