Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy halloweenie.

There are many,  many things I remember about my childhood.  Eating bagels with cream cheese. Making up shows with neighbourhood friends. Spending hours and HOURS swimming in our back yard pool. Waking up every morning to my mom singing “Good morning to you, good morning to you.  Good morning Michelllllllle, good morning to you..” (have I mentioned yet what am amazing mother I have?!?)

One memory that stands so strong in my mind is that time before every holiday when we would pull down the attic ladder and climb up into the hidden world that was- THE HOLIDAY DECORATIONS!!!


Among many other things, the attic housed all of the boxes of decorations for each and every holiday. I am sure my begging for the holiday decorations started long before it was appropriate to actually pull them out, but I just LOVED all of the pumpkin heads, ceramic christmas trees and fluffy white easter rabbits.  Mom would help us kids pull the appropriate labeled box down from the attic and give us free reign on the placement of everything around the house (except the Christmas tree- that was her project).  Looking back, I am sure she made some minor adjustments to certain randomly placed items, but she definitely let us have our fun spreading holiday cheer all over the house...


Now that I am married and grown, I have decided it might be time to start our own decorating traditions.  While Halloween isn't a hugely celebrated holiday over here in Oz, I still decided our house needed a little American holiday flare.  So six plastic pumpkins and one packet of spider webs later our house has started to look a little more like home.


While I am a long way from an attic full of holiday decor, I am starting small in hopes that one day I can pull that attic ladder down and give our kids the same kind of experience my mom gave us.

Here's to a Happy Halloween... and beginning of creating new traditions in your family!

What is your favourite holiday tradition?  Did your mom let you decorate the house??

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  1. Yes, I did think of you kids as I pulled down the ladder and went up into the attic two weeks ago to go through the orange boxes with the black lids. October first is still the time for fall and halloween decorations. Only put out a few things this year. Certainly not the same without you all around to share the tradition but did bring back some great memories for me too! Hugs,


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