Monday, October 3, 2011

green thumb.

The title of this post is a little misleading. And by a little... I mean it is a total lie! As much as we would love to think we have an eye for gardening, we just don't...


Every weekend Max wonders around the yard with this little plastic watering can, sprinkling water on every flower he can see. The truth is, these "flowers" are really more like weeds. They will live through anything. Rain. Wind. Scorching Sun. Cyclone.  Anything. But I think giving them a little water just makes Max feel like he is doing the right thing. And you know what, I am fine with that.  


Keep on watering babe. Those flowers would have NO chance without you!


I never really thought about it before, but gardening is a fine art. Our friends Peggy and Nate are living proof that there is a beautiful knack to making your garden amazing. About two years ago they bought a beautiful house with an equally beautiful yard/garden. But every time we go over there it is even better than the last. Peggy has this way of looking at a spot and envisioning something even better. She is a nurse, but reckon she was a gardener in a past life. SHE. IS. AMAZING. 


About a year ago we decided to bring the garden inside and put a little plant in our bathroom. It was great for about a month until it died (as most plants do around our house). Maybe I should have watered it or something... Anyway, that little green pot sat plant-less in our bathroom for longer than I would like to admit. The saddest part however, was that we never did ANYTHING about it. There it sat- a little green pot full of dry dirt. A sign to anyone who walked in to our bathroom that we, the de Baugy's, have no respect for the beautiful art that is growing plants (or at least keeping them alive).  


On Sunday I decided enough was enough. That pot need a plant and THIS time it was going to live! I think I got a little carried away at Bunnings because I bought this plant, which clearly does not fit in said green pot. I guess I thought, the bigger and more mature the plant was, the more likely it would survive. 


But don't worry. With a little convincing I got that big plant in that tiny pot (which I am pretty sure it the worst thing you can do to a plant). Have no fear- I am sure I will be back in two weeks with another tragic story of plant loss. Until then, happy gardening to you all! May everyone have a garden as beautiful as Peggy's!!


  1. I'm just as bad. I kill every flower/plant we've ever had. Bo waters them, but usually I have already done the damage and then we have to give up. Maybe I will try a small potted plant inside too... good luck with yours!

  2. Thank you for your lovely words about me in your blog!!! I must come over this weekend and have a good chat about your current bare spot. I did talk to your husband about it @ Tommy's party however I think I should talk to the boss. OXOXO


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