Monday, October 31, 2011

for the first time.

Well, it is official. Max has now successfully carved his first ever pumpkin!


The funny thing about pumpkin carving in a country that doesn’t really celebrate this holiday is the unavailability of whole, real pumpkins. You see, in Australia we have pumpkin in our stores all year but we actually roast and eat it for dinner instead of giving it a mouth and nose, putting a candle in it and setting it outside of our front doors to rot. I mean, when you put it in to those terms, the whole jack-o-lantern thing does sound a bit silly. Never the less- we were determined to find a pumpkin and start this weird tradition at our house this year.


Here in Brisbane there are no pumpkin patches with endless pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. There are no hay rides or family photo opportunities. We actually found this bad boy at our local grocery store. It was one of about ten that were for sale. When we got to the register to pay, it took about 10 minutes and three different employees to ring it up.


You know- that embarrassing thing that happens only when you have something you would rather just quickly pay for and bolt. The sales person yelling across the store, “Sally… SALLY… this item won’t ring up. Do you know how much XXX is??” “No Betty… let me get on the PA and announce it to the whole store that this lady is buying XXX and we don’t know the price.” Luckily it was just a pumpkin this time- but you know what I mean! I guess they didn’t think anyone would actually buy one? And then Max and I came along :)


Once we got home, the pumpkin carving process began. I showed Max how we line the table with newspaper and put all of the "pumpkin guts" in to a bowl.

I showed him how to cut the top open and use a spoon to scrape all of the gooey stuff off.




We drew a very simple face and he quickly learned that cutting shapes in to a pumpkin with our kitchen knives isn’t all that easy… or precise.




In the end, this is what we ended up with. It is no master piece, but I am pleased and proud.

And of course, no pumpkin carving activity is complete without roasting the seeds!






Wishing all a Happy Halloween, no matter where or how you might be celebrating!

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  1. Did Max and Byron like the pumpkin seeds? I still haven't developed a taste for them. And great looking jack o lantern :)


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