Thursday, October 27, 2011


It is official. Byron is now 15 and almost taller than his dad.  And what does a 15 year old boy want more than anything for his birthday?  A Huffy Slider.  Don't worry, I had no idea what that was either.  To put it in very easy to understand terms- it is a tricycle for "big kids".

After going out for lunch with the whole family, Byron, his mom, step dad, brother, sister, two grandmas and grandpa (whew!) headed down towards the Gold Coast where he got to go for a ride in a WRX (really fast off-road car on a dirt track).  He LOVED it!

Afterwards the whole family came over to our house to help build his Huffy Slider.  Watching the boys put this thing together was very entertaining.


I love this picture.  Brett with the instructions while Max, Christian and Byron go straight for the parts.  In about 2.3 seconds the box was ripped open and all of the parts strung across the lawn.


Keeping in mind that this is a KIDS TRICYCLE more or less, it was surprisingly difficult for the men to put it together.   


Maybe reading the instructions would have helped.  Or not.



Dad and stepdad working together on the trike.  What a lucky kid Byron is...


While the men worked on the trike, the kids played in the yard.  This is Byron's little sister, Charlotte.  She was showing me her scary Halloween poses.  This girl LOVES the camera.


Byron's little brother and sister (William and Charlotte) playing on Byron's friends already built Huffy Slider.


William loves tools and machines and working with the men.  He was right in there helping tighten bolts and giving his opinion on what might have gone wrong or what needed more tightening.  It was so cute.


Yes- they started this process when it was light and were still working on it after dark.  


Hours later (okay, maybe not hours) they finally finished the construction of the Huffy Slider and took it straight out to the street to... well... slide.




Like father like son.


I think Byron had a wonderful birthday full of family fun, fast cars and tricycles :)

With two moms, two dads, four sets of grandparents and endless aunts and uncles, holidays in Byron's world are far from empty and I think his fifteenth birthday did not disappoint.

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