Tuesday, October 11, 2011

bathurst 1000.

This weekend we all gathered at Peggy and Nate’s for the annual Bathurst 1000. This is a 1000 kilometre (620 mile) race held every year in Bathurst, New South Wales. Many people refer to it as “The Great Race” and it is one of the most watched races in Australian motorsport. I could go on and try to come up with a comparison to some American car race that is similar, but I know NOTHING about cars or racing or motorsport or V8 Supercars so I will spare you the hassle of laughing at my completely incorrect comparison and we can all just agree that it is a long race with fast cars that go around a track for hours and hours. Does that draw a clear picture for everyone? Good!


So what does Bathurst mean to me, the wife who knows nothing about this subject?!? It means I get to hang out with friends, eat yummy food and chat with the girls out on the back deck whilst listening to the background noise of the boys discussing who is going to win, Holden or Ford.




Peggy made her famous potato salad and Nate cooked beautiful steaks and snags (sausages) on the BBQ. In the words of Rachel Ray, YUM-O!      




The boys watching the race.


This is what I love about Spring. Fruit platters and potato salad. BBQs and laughs with friends. Sitting on the back deck with a cold drink, enjoying the beautiful weather before it starts to get so stinkin’ hot. 


[I think Peggy was telling us one of her really funny/disgusting nursing stories, haha]



Cheers to Spring and all of the good times to come this summer!

A special thanks to Nate and Peg for having us over.  As always, it was fabulous!

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