Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Last weekend we went to an annual Brisbane event… RIVERFIRE! The Brisbane Festival is held every year in September right around my birthday. Actually, two years ago it was ON my birthday, which was pretty spectacular until I had to get my hung-over self out of bed for my birthday surprise the next morning. Come to think of it, that was the other time Max surprised me for a special event- swimming with dolphins on my 26th birthday back when he was just my boyfriend. Memories like this make me smile :)


Anyway, back to RIVERFIRE...

It takes place along the banks of the Brisbane River which weaves itself around and through the city centre. Thousands of people gather along the river and set up their ‘spots’. Some people show up as early as the sun to secure a front row seat in the location they deem the ‘best’. BBQ’s come out and shade tents get raised. The back of trucks (utes) become comfy beds perfect for watching the sun set and stars come out.


People drink their cheap wine out of plastic wine glasses and laugh with friends as they talk about memories from last year’s Riverfire. It is really a bit like tailgating back home. The only thing missing is the Orange and Blue, the Swamp…. Oh, and football of course!

This year Max and I got a late start to the festivities. We had a few things to do that evening which meant we didn’t end up getting on the train to the city until about 6pm. We only live 20 minutes from this city, but with thousands of people gathered the in the same place, taking the train was much easier than finding somewhere to park.


We met up with Nerissa, her mom and her mom’s friend Ian. Just as we found our friends, set our bags down and poured a drink, the show started. Perfecting timing if you ask me! People talk about the location to watch the fireworks from, but I’ll be perfectly honest- there are really no bad places. The fireworks are placed up and down the river, on top of high rise buildings, under bridges, over nearly every bit of sky that can be seen. They are all timed perfectly so no matter what end of the city you are watching from, you see pretty much the same show.

BANG!!  CRACK!!!  and just like that the show began....



This is my first time taking photos of fireworks with my new camera.  I have to admit, I googled what setting to use before we left the house that night.  I think overall these pictures turned out pretty good for my first time.  Of course, it was much more fantastic in real life- as all things are.



This is honestly one of the longest and greatest fireworks displays I have ever seen. 


After the GRAND finale, the show ended just as quickly as it had begun. Everyone cheered and smiled and talked about their favourite part before packing up their things and heading for the train.


The night ended with a long... long train ride home with the thousands of others who were also trying to get from the city to wherever it is they live.



At least we had the camera to keep us entertained while we listened to the weird conversations going on around us.  Why is it that you always meet strange people on public transportation?



Until next year....


  1. Great pics of the fireworks and the city!

  2. That looks like the most fabulously fun time EVER! I love it all. Especially the plastic wine cups. Your self portrait with your love is just beautiful. Wishing you the happiest week. How can it be anything but happy when it starts out with fireworks, right? : )

  3. How fun!! Looks like an awesome time.

    Just found your blog.. love it :) Hope you are doing well, I miss you!



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