Monday, September 19, 2011

photography class.

Since getting my new camera, I have (obviously) been interested in practicing and learning more about photography in general. I really enjoy taking pictures and playing around with them in Photoshop, but to be completely honest, I have no idea what I am doing! I have never taken a photography class and have to admit that I am still confused by the concepts of ISO, aperture, etc.

For weeks Max kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday. And for weeks I kept telling him I wanted to take a photography class. I am not sure if maybe I was saying it in a different language or his hearing aids were just turned down too low (just kidding, he doesn’t wear hearing aids) but he just didn’t seem to hear the answer after he asked the question. To make a long story short, I ended up registering for a four hour course on the Sunday before my birthday. It was titled Photography Masterclass and was supposed to be geared towards all levels of photographers. From the beginner, like myself, to the professional level. This my friends, is where I should have realised maybe this class wasn’t what I was looking for. My excitement for what I thought would be my first photography lesson over shadowed the reality of what I was really signing up for.

 (Sorry- this picture is really blury but it shows the room we were in which I thought was really cool)

While I don’t want to sit here and say the class was a total failure, I do think it is safe to say I did not get anything out of it.. AT… ALL. There was no outline as to the way we were going to spend the four hours. Nowhere did they say what would be covered and what kinds of photography we would be learning about. The “expert” who led the course was very enthusiastic about the success of his photography business, but was so distracted by his own thoughts that I don’t think he answered a SINGLE question that was asked by the group.


Sure, we learned about posing and a tiny bit about studio lighting. But this girl doesn’t have a studio… or a soft box… or a photography business where I will be posing people in unnatural positions… sigh…

Now, for the silver lining.

1. The building where the class was held was AWESOME! It is called the Brisbane Powerhouse and is located in Newfarm right on the Brisbane river. It is a really cool, funky, old brick building that was built in the 1930-40’s where they house tons of fun, creative stuff like art, comedy, film, live music and festivals as well as a super cool restaurant/bar. I am not sure where all of the graffiti comes from, but the older parts of the inside of the building are covered with it which made for some cool pictures. I think Max and I will definitely be going back there for a drink or two in the near future.


2. By attending this course, I now know what I AM looking for in a photography class. Next time I will do a bit more research and determine what will be covered in the course before signing up and paying the fee.


You live and you learn but you know what, I am glad I went!

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