Wednesday, September 14, 2011

overnight stay.

Hello Again!


Last weekend we took a trip up to…. drumroll please…. Double Island Point/Rainbow Beach (shocker!) As I have said before, this is our favourite place to go which is why I have posted about it here and here AND here.

Anyway, this weekend was for a special occasion (not that we need an excuse to go!). Well, two occasions actually. Firstly, Thomas flew home from London! -You might remember his welcome home party from a few weeks ago- While he is based in Brisbane now, he still flies in and out for work every three weeks. His flight arrived at 6:30am and we left for the beach at 9am on the same day. He is a trooper!


The second occasion was to meet a new friend of Sledge’s (real name: Mark). Lately Sledge has been taking mysterious trips down to Melbourne for various equally mysterious reasons- footy games, weddings, visiting family… After a few trips we started to become suspicious that maybe something more was happening in Melbourne than he might have been letting on. And you know what, it turns out we were right!


Enter Alisha- Sledge’s new friend :)


The day started out very windy and cool. But, by the time we got up to “our spot” it was a beautiful, almost warm day! So beautiful that Alisha decided she would go for a swim!





As much as Sledge wanted to impress her with his manliness, he only made it up to his shins before turning back. In his defence, the water was a bit cold!



It was the PERFECT day for a beach BBQ.  Everyone brought meat and salads and we cooked everything right there on the beach.  Well, Ryan did all of the cooking (Thanks Ryan!) and it was delicious.










Max and Seldge took the Jeep for a little joy ride after lunch.  Look at the grin on his face!

After our BBQ lunch, we headed up the beach to Fresh Water Track so that Sledge could show Alisha what he likes to do for fun. It was a FAST and crazy four wheel drive through the bush, but I think she loved every minute of it!!


As the day wore on, people slowly began to pack up and leave for home.  Although this is our favourite place, it is about 2.5 hours from home so we usually make sure we are on our way back down the beach by about 3 or 4 to give us enough time to unload and wash the car before we go to bed.  But today… today was different.  Maybe it was the fast driving or the warm sun or the glimpse of summer starting to show itself.  Whatever it was, we just weren’t ready to leave!  We were having such a great time driving around, laughing, singing… and drinking that we decided, why cut the day short by driving home.  Let’s just stay the night! 



And so we stayed late and watched the sunset over the water.  We drove in to Rainbow Beach, stoped at the first place we saw and booked a three bedroom apartment for the night.  We ate dinner at the pub and went “home” to sleep in the same clothes we were wearing all day.  Isn’t doing something out of the ordinary- spur of the moment- just so freeing sometimes!?


It was a great beach trip and wonderful to finally get a chance to meet Sledge’s secret friend J 

What about you?  Have you ever done something completely unplanned and spur of the moment?

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