Thursday, September 29, 2011

market day.

Last weekend we took a trip down to the Gold Coast to visit the Carrara markets.  Max and I love going to markets.  It is one of our favourite things to do on the weekend.  Waking up kind of early, slipping on my most hippy outfit, and walking around looking at all of the handmade goodies and fresh food.  It is the perfect way to start your weekend.  


We even had a go* at running our own market stall once. But the 4am start on a weekend morning really turned us off so we haven't been back since.  Who knows, maybe this summer we will try again. 

(*having "a go" is an Aussie term meaning "giving it a try", etc.)

Back to the Carrara markets.... If I have one piece of advice for you, I would suggest you not waste your time.  


As Max would say, it was a market full of "cheap $#&!" like airbrushed hats and Australian tourist trinkets.  


... And this crazy looking doll with scary pink eyes.  Umm, no thanks.



Thomas did manage to find the perfect sign for Max, hehe.





They did have a section with some okay looking fruit and veggies, but they were way over priced and not that fresh.  It was a huge market, but very disappointing if you ask me.  I will have to make sure I take my camera to another market next weekend because I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea of the beautiful Australian markets over here!


After the failed market experience, we headed to the beach for a little look.  While I really like the Sunshine Coast the best, the Gold Coast has a lot to offer as well.  There are theme parks and night clubs. Beaches and lots of back packers. Yummy restaurants and scenic drives. It is a really popular place, but just not MY personal favourite.



It was really windy and a tiny bit cold, but Nerissa and Thomas went for a short swim anyway.  Brave souls those two!


While this trip to the Gold Coast was nice, it really confirmed my love for the Sunny Coast and good quality markets :)  Oh well- better luck next weekend!

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