Tuesday, September 20, 2011

honey do list.

Honey Do List: “A list of chores assigned by one's primary companion, sweetheart, and honey pot”


So, this weekend my sweet, darling, honey pot of a husband created a ridiculously long list of chores for us to do. This list included many general things like laundry and vacuuming, but also other things like painting the kitchen ceiling from our renovation we completed nearly 10 MONTHS AGO. Do you really blame us for putting that chore off for so long!?




I love the look of determination on his face in the picture below :)


While Max worked on the ceiling, I cleaned the house (and took pictures because that made my jobs more fun!).





Now, I am all for making sure our house is clean and tidy and beautiful… but if you think that includes cleaning out the gutters on the shed, you’ve got another think coming!  Did you know that there are DEADLY SPIDERS that could possibly LIVE in those gutters?? I will not… even for my sweet, darling, honey pot of a husband… stick my hand in those gutters for fear I might die a slow, painful spider bite death. I leave that up to the men of the family- Max and Byron!

However, Byron was too busy backing the white Suzuki up and down the driveway to be bothered with the gutters.



Although Byron doesn't have a licence yet, Max has already pretty much taught him how to drive both an automatic and a manual.  We obviously don't let him drive around the streets, but backing up and down the driveway has been great practice for him.  He has gotten really good at using his mirrors and has only hit something once.... okay twice, but does a hitting bush really count?!



All in all, it was a pretty successful day at the de Baugy household.  Yes, the gutters are still full of spiders and Byron's new bedroom fan has still not been installed, but it is baby steps 'round these parts.  And hey, there is always tomorrow right!?

PS. Say a sweet goodbye to the white Suzuki, as we just sold it last night.  Max and Byron built this car and I know they will be sad to see it leave, but five cars, three motorbikes and two trailers for one famliy (with only two drivers) seemed a bit excessive. 

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  1. That list is insane-in-the-membrane long! WOW! I can't believe you got it all done. I LOVE your organized drawers. I am so impressed. Maybe if I took a picture of mine that would encourage me to make them look pretty...or not. Such a fun post : ) Honey Pot of a husband made me smile.


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