Thursday, September 22, 2011

happy valley.

Summer weather hit last weekend and everyone knew about it!  It was the first weekend of the season where people stopped what they were doing and went outside to enjoy the weather.  With our spring cleaning in full swing on Saturday, Byron and I convinced Max that maybe we should take Sunday morning off and head to the beach for a surf.  Max loves the beach.  Max loves the sun.  Max loves the ocean.  And Max loves surfing.  So, as  you might have guessed, it wasn’t hard to convince him to release the paint brush and load the surf boards on the car. 


With our boards, rashies and togs (bathing suits) packed, we headed up to Caloundra to meet up with Thomas and Nerissa who were already up there visiting her mom.  We met them at a spot called "Happy Valley"… isn’t that a great name for a little surf beach?! 


When we arrived, we quickly realised that everyone and their mom, dog, brother, cousin and friend had the same idea.  There were cars parked in every imaginable spot along the street.




The waves were tiny and the water was freezing, but it didn’t stop everyone from getting in and having a go.







Thomas and Nerissa

All four of them on the SAME WAVE!


As wonderful as this beautiful, sunny day was, this blog and my pictures are obviously just a snap shot of our lives. We aren’t always happy or having fun adventures or playing at the beach. And just to keep things real, I’ll tell you right now that I spent the majority of the morning pissed off at Max for only bringing 2 surfboards instead of 3 (LIKE I ASKED). Was this fair? Probably not. But this is real life and wives sometimes get upset at husbands for not bringing enough surfboards for everyone. So there- we are real- we fight- I cry- then Max buys me a coke and some hot chips and we are happy again.

You can’t go to HAPPY Valley and be mad all day!

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