Friday, September 23, 2011

confused accent.

I have lived in Australia for nearly 3 years and officially have what I like to call a “confused accent.” I met someone a few years ago who had a VERY confused accent. He was born in Canada, raised in England, but worked in America for several years (or something like that!). I swear his accent would change from British, to American, to Canadian then back in British all in one sentence! It was a bit crazy and I often wondered how such a thing could happen.

To everyone here, my phrases, words and pronunciations still stick out like a sore thumb. I still say things like “ya’ll” and “every other week” but I also say “heaps” and lately have caught myself using the word “mate” more than I would like to admit. While my vocabulary and pronunciations have changed slightly, I think it is the voice inflections that really make my accent so confused. I speak in what my brother likes to refer to as “questions”.


According to Wikipedia- which we all know to be the most reliable source on the internet, ha- Australians often use a form of upward inflection in their speech that is NOT associated with asking questions. In English, upward inflection (a rise in the pitch of the voice at the end of a sentence) typically signals a question. However, some speakers also use upward inflection as a way of including their conversational partner in the dialogue. Apparently, this is also common in California English.

So, there you have it…. It is not a confused accent at all! It seems I now use upward inflection as a way of including others in my dialogue. Sounds friendly if you ask me :)

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  1. I love your "confused" accent. "Y'all" is a great word. More people should make it a part of their vocabulary. I've come to appreciate "heaps" and "mate" too. It's always fun to talk with you! Hugs,


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