Friday, September 30, 2011

sick day.

Today was mine and Byron's first sick day together. By that I mean, he is sick and I stayed home from work to take care of him. Although he has been sick many times before, I guess this is the first time I have actually taken him to the doctor, etc. As much as it kills me to see him feeling so bad, it makes me feel good to know that I was trusted enough to take care of him... or at least drive him to the doctor who can prescribe the drugs that can take care of him, haha.



It is an interesting role, this stepmom gig. You constantly wonder where the boundaries are; trying hard to be there for as much as possible, but not wanting to step on any toes.  And of course, I have never been a parent of any kind before, which also makes knowing what to do that with a teenage boy that much more confusing.


But being a stepmom also means you get to buy him milk shakes when his throat is sore and 3 movies to watch when he is feeling bad.  It means you get to have an extra person around to hangout with and take on adventures.  It means celebrating exciting milestones like first jobs... and first loves.  It means joking with each other about the fact that we are from the same generation and like the same kind of music (which is way to young for Max, hehe).


Maybe I don't know everything and maybe I am not the best stepmom around, but I do know wouldn't change our situation for all of the money in the world.  Byron has added so much more to my life than I ever expected and for that I am forever thankful.

**On a side note, these pictures were not taken when he was sick... I'm not that crazy :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

market day.

Last weekend we took a trip down to the Gold Coast to visit the Carrara markets.  Max and I love going to markets.  It is one of our favourite things to do on the weekend.  Waking up kind of early, slipping on my most hippy outfit, and walking around looking at all of the handmade goodies and fresh food.  It is the perfect way to start your weekend.  


We even had a go* at running our own market stall once. But the 4am start on a weekend morning really turned us off so we haven't been back since.  Who knows, maybe this summer we will try again. 

(*having "a go" is an Aussie term meaning "giving it a try", etc.)

Back to the Carrara markets.... If I have one piece of advice for you, I would suggest you not waste your time.  


As Max would say, it was a market full of "cheap $#&!" like airbrushed hats and Australian tourist trinkets.  


... And this crazy looking doll with scary pink eyes.  Umm, no thanks.



Thomas did manage to find the perfect sign for Max, hehe.





They did have a section with some okay looking fruit and veggies, but they were way over priced and not that fresh.  It was a huge market, but very disappointing if you ask me.  I will have to make sure I take my camera to another market next weekend because I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea of the beautiful Australian markets over here!


After the failed market experience, we headed to the beach for a little look.  While I really like the Sunshine Coast the best, the Gold Coast has a lot to offer as well.  There are theme parks and night clubs. Beaches and lots of back packers. Yummy restaurants and scenic drives. It is a really popular place, but just not MY personal favourite.



It was really windy and a tiny bit cold, but Nerissa and Thomas went for a short swim anyway.  Brave souls those two!


While this trip to the Gold Coast was nice, it really confirmed my love for the Sunny Coast and good quality markets :)  Oh well- better luck next weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sunday morning brekkie.

BREKKIE: Australian for breakfast.





Yuuu-ummmm!  Thanks boys for the beautiful brekkie :)


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Let’s go back in time and visit a land where I wasn’t blind and had no idea I couldn’t see what everyone else could. A time when I thought all images were a little blurry around the edges- you know, like when you were a kid and swam in the pool with your eyes open for too long. They turned bright red and put a nice blurry glow around everything you looked at.

It all started back in 1995- sitting in the back of my 6th grade math class with my Limited Too sweater and matching scrunchy. Looking back, I can’t remember if I was assigned that seat or if I sat back there because it was the place where all the cool kids sat. The truth was, I actually really like math so whenever it was time to take notes from the blackboard, I would leave my seat and go sit cross legged on the floor just in front of the teacher. That was probably the first time I realised I couldn’t see as well as everyone else. Eventually my parents took me to see the optometrist who confirmed my worst nightmare…. I needed GLASSES.

I will never forget the day I got my first pair of glasses. Although I vowed to never wear them outside of the classroom, I couldn’t resist trying them out the second they reached my little hands. As I walked out of the doctor’s office I slipped them on my face and saw a whole new world. I remember looking at my dad in amazement- THIS is what the world looks like. I was shocked when I looked at a tree and saw individual leaves instead of a big green blob. It was like a whole new world!

As the years went by, my eye sight continued to dwindle. While I never wore my glasses full time, I started wearing contacts a year later. Every year I would return to the optometrist who would adjust my prescription and send me on my way. Each year a little worse- each year new and improved contacts for blind people like me.

Fast forward to two weeks ago… my annual appointment came up and off I went to the optometrist like clockwork. Although I have been in Australia for nearly 3 years, it was the first time I saw an optometrist over here. I always make my appointments in the United States during our trips home (creature of habit I guess). After my appointment was over and my doctor confirmed that my eye sight was exactly the same as last year (yea!) she went on to suggest that maybe it was time I thought about surgery.


I have always toyed with the idea of Lasik Eye Surgy, but the thought of someone cutting my eye open while I lay there helpless and AWAKE really scared me off. What if I moved while that laser was doing its thing in my eye?! What if I went blind all because I wanted a little less hassle in my life?! Was that really worth it?? I gave myself a week to think about it and decided I would go see the surgeon for a consultation. No obligation- if I was too freaked out I would just go home and never think about it again.


Leading up to the consultation I had to wear my glasses for two days. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? Well, it was! I am a contact wearer and HATE my glasses. They are uncomfortable and hurt the back of my ears. They fall off all of the time and get in my way. I can’t swim with them on and have a really hard time putting makeup on. No matter what Max says, they are not cute and I can’t see as well as when I am wearing contacts. Overall, you could say I am not the biggest fan of my glasses. But two days… I can do anything for two days.

[this is what things look like with my glasses/contacts]

Yesterday was my consultation. Even though I knew there would be no cutting involved in this appointment, I was nervous. Palms sweating, the surgeon called me in to her office. She was really nice and calmed my nerves a little bit by telling me that going blind was not possible with the method they use and although you are awake for the surgery, they give you heaps of drugs to make you calm and happy (Yes- these were the first questions out of my mouth, haha). After that she proceeded to do lots of tests with several different machines. She put about 10 different drops in my eyes and before I knew it, I couldn’t see a thing- not even with my glasses on!

[this is what things look like WITHOUT glasses/contacts]

The appointment ended with a bit of a downer. Apparently I have a steep slope on the front of my eyes. While they can’t operate on eyes with this condition, she wanted to see me back in two weeks to look again. And you know what that means… TWO WEEKS OF WEARING MY GLASSES. Arrrrggggg.


Fingers crossed everything works out and all of this glasses wearin’ will be worth it. Until then I guess it is back to 6th grade math class and being the dorky girl with the glasses.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

new pages.

Back in August I wrote about the digital picture dilemma and gave a few suggestions for different things you can do with your pictures.  To give you some ideas and maybe motivate you, I thought I should share some of my newest digital scrapbook pages.

These pages are of pictures from last year before our wedding.  I am obviously very far behind since that was over a year ago now!  Anyway, these pages are really simple compared to some of the other stuff out there, but it gives you an idea of what you can make.




Once you are done making your page in Photoshop, you simply save it as a jpg. file and upload it to Snapfish (or whatever photobook site you like to use).  When you open your blank photobook, change the page layout to one picture that covers the whole page.  Then drag and drop your digital scrapbook page in to your book as a single image.  Super Easy!



So go on and get scrappin'.  I will post more pages as I go... and who knows, maybe I'll have the whole book finished just in time to start the one for this year!

Friday, September 23, 2011

confused accent.

I have lived in Australia for nearly 3 years and officially have what I like to call a “confused accent.” I met someone a few years ago who had a VERY confused accent. He was born in Canada, raised in England, but worked in America for several years (or something like that!). I swear his accent would change from British, to American, to Canadian then back in British all in one sentence! It was a bit crazy and I often wondered how such a thing could happen.

To everyone here, my phrases, words and pronunciations still stick out like a sore thumb. I still say things like “ya’ll” and “every other week” but I also say “heaps” and lately have caught myself using the word “mate” more than I would like to admit. While my vocabulary and pronunciations have changed slightly, I think it is the voice inflections that really make my accent so confused. I speak in what my brother likes to refer to as “questions”.


According to Wikipedia- which we all know to be the most reliable source on the internet, ha- Australians often use a form of upward inflection in their speech that is NOT associated with asking questions. In English, upward inflection (a rise in the pitch of the voice at the end of a sentence) typically signals a question. However, some speakers also use upward inflection as a way of including their conversational partner in the dialogue. Apparently, this is also common in California English.

So, there you have it…. It is not a confused accent at all! It seems I now use upward inflection as a way of including others in my dialogue. Sounds friendly if you ask me :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

happy valley.

Summer weather hit last weekend and everyone knew about it!  It was the first weekend of the season where people stopped what they were doing and went outside to enjoy the weather.  With our spring cleaning in full swing on Saturday, Byron and I convinced Max that maybe we should take Sunday morning off and head to the beach for a surf.  Max loves the beach.  Max loves the sun.  Max loves the ocean.  And Max loves surfing.  So, as  you might have guessed, it wasn’t hard to convince him to release the paint brush and load the surf boards on the car. 


With our boards, rashies and togs (bathing suits) packed, we headed up to Caloundra to meet up with Thomas and Nerissa who were already up there visiting her mom.  We met them at a spot called "Happy Valley"… isn’t that a great name for a little surf beach?! 


When we arrived, we quickly realised that everyone and their mom, dog, brother, cousin and friend had the same idea.  There were cars parked in every imaginable spot along the street.




The waves were tiny and the water was freezing, but it didn’t stop everyone from getting in and having a go.







Thomas and Nerissa

All four of them on the SAME WAVE!


As wonderful as this beautiful, sunny day was, this blog and my pictures are obviously just a snap shot of our lives. We aren’t always happy or having fun adventures or playing at the beach. And just to keep things real, I’ll tell you right now that I spent the majority of the morning pissed off at Max for only bringing 2 surfboards instead of 3 (LIKE I ASKED). Was this fair? Probably not. But this is real life and wives sometimes get upset at husbands for not bringing enough surfboards for everyone. So there- we are real- we fight- I cry- then Max buys me a coke and some hot chips and we are happy again.

You can’t go to HAPPY Valley and be mad all day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

honey do list.

Honey Do List: “A list of chores assigned by one's primary companion, sweetheart, and honey pot”


So, this weekend my sweet, darling, honey pot of a husband created a ridiculously long list of chores for us to do. This list included many general things like laundry and vacuuming, but also other things like painting the kitchen ceiling from our renovation we completed nearly 10 MONTHS AGO. Do you really blame us for putting that chore off for so long!?




I love the look of determination on his face in the picture below :)


While Max worked on the ceiling, I cleaned the house (and took pictures because that made my jobs more fun!).





Now, I am all for making sure our house is clean and tidy and beautiful… but if you think that includes cleaning out the gutters on the shed, you’ve got another think coming!  Did you know that there are DEADLY SPIDERS that could possibly LIVE in those gutters?? I will not… even for my sweet, darling, honey pot of a husband… stick my hand in those gutters for fear I might die a slow, painful spider bite death. I leave that up to the men of the family- Max and Byron!

However, Byron was too busy backing the white Suzuki up and down the driveway to be bothered with the gutters.



Although Byron doesn't have a licence yet, Max has already pretty much taught him how to drive both an automatic and a manual.  We obviously don't let him drive around the streets, but backing up and down the driveway has been great practice for him.  He has gotten really good at using his mirrors and has only hit something once.... okay twice, but does a hitting bush really count?!



All in all, it was a pretty successful day at the de Baugy household.  Yes, the gutters are still full of spiders and Byron's new bedroom fan has still not been installed, but it is baby steps 'round these parts.  And hey, there is always tomorrow right!?

PS. Say a sweet goodbye to the white Suzuki, as we just sold it last night.  Max and Byron built this car and I know they will be sad to see it leave, but five cars, three motorbikes and two trailers for one famliy (with only two drivers) seemed a bit excessive. 
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