Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the first year.

Well, it is official.  We have now been married for one entire year… 365 days… 52 weeks… 12 months!!


I guess I always thought that because Max and I had such a whirlwind ‘courtship’- traveling here and there, getting engaged after only 7 months, moving in together within a few weeks of meeting (this sounds crazy when I actually write it down) that the first year would be full of learning more about each other.  Maybe we were meant to meet or knew each other in some former life because I can tell you now that after a year of marriage, I really didn’t learn anything new about my husband.  It is like I knew everything within those first few weeks- take it or leave it.  Obviously, I took it J.




Although I don’t feel like learned any new things about Max, I defiantly know these last 365 days were full of lessons.  Lessons on living with and loving those things I already knew.  Over the last 12 months I have learned how it feels to be really loved for who I am (which is now much fatter than I used to be!).  I have learned to enjoy his love for long car rides to nowhere in particular.  I have learned how much I enjoy having someone to come home to every night.  I have learned what it feels like to really sacrifice for something you believe in.  I have learned what it feels like to miss people and home more than I ever thought possible.  I have learned that having someone to hold you when you feel this way makes it all better. 


For our first anniversary Max took me on a surprise weekend away!  We headed up the mountains to a bed and breakfast in the cutest little town, Montville.  From our room we could see all the way to the ocean.  Also, did you know when they say BED and BREAKFAST they literally mean they bring breakfast to you… in bed!  It was amazing!! 






Are you wondering what Max is looking at?? He dropped my iphone off the balcany... 3 stories!


Can you see him WAY down there looking for it?  We were thankful it wasn't on silent otherwise someone would have had to buy someone else a new iphone....


My present :)  I just LOVE it!



He is such a good model, haha.  I am thankful he plays along with my silly ideas and picture taking.  What a good sport that husband of mine.





We spent the weekend eating too much, shopping and wine tasting.  It was honestly one the most relaxing weekends away we have ever had.  The best part about the weekend though was the thought and effort Max put in to making it special and something to remember.  He has always been a dreamer- planning this and planning that.  Where he has trouble is with the follow through.  But this time...  Not only did he dream this up and plan the whole weekend, he followed through and made it amazing.  Yep… he got me good with this surprise!








People always make such a big deal about your first wedding anniversary.  Like making it one whole year is such an accomplishment??  But you know what… it is!  It is a year full of new experiences and lessons and for some people a whole new way of life.  It is a time when you get to sit back and make your life exactly what you want it to be.  And while not all days are rainbows and sunshine, you get to relish in the fact that you picked each other to experience those times with- thick and thin, clean and dirty, happy and sad.     


So, happy first anniversary to my wonderfully supportive husband.  Thanks for choosing me!


  1. We are so happy for both of you! It has been an amazing year to share with you, even from the other side of the world. Thanks goodness for the internet and skype:) Hugs to both of you as you reach this first of many milestones!

  2. Such a cute post :) I loooove what he got you!

  3. Congratulations you two!! You both look so happy and Michelle, you as always look beautiful! I truly miss you guys - this past year has been a learning experience for everyone here, learning how to live without you! and you know what, it sucks. J/K. SO happy for you both - congrats!!


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