Thursday, July 14, 2011

weekend at home.

Some scenes from a weekend at home:

When I first moved to Australia there were many things I had to get use to.  Australian's are so environmentally conscience and do everything to keep their electricity bills low.  Instead of using air conditioning they open the windows.  Dishes are washed by hand and power outlets are turned off at the wall.  It is amazing and really helps when the electricity bills comes!  As much as I love our dishwasher and walking in to a cool house in the heat of the summer, I have gotten use to using these items less and don't really mind not using them now.  There is one item however, that I have realized I need... I love... I can't live without!  THE DRYER.  I love the feeling of fluffy, warm, soft towels straight out of the dryer.  Max and Byron, on the other hand, love cardboard stiff, crunchy, air-dryed towels (yuck!).  To move on to the main point of this story, Max isn't the biggest fan of the clothes dryer.

All that being said... we DO actually have a dryer and I use it all of the time :) It is about 100 years old and sounds like an old dying cat when you turn it on- but it makes my towels soft and fluffy which makes me happy.

One night last week, for no particular reason, Max decided we needed a new dryer.  The man who loves crispy towels and sun-faded t-shirts WANTED A NEW DRYER?!?  I had no idea where this came from but let him go with it.  And one day later there is was- a brand new, beautiful dryer at our back door!  It is now officially in writing that MAX has purchased a dryer without any persuasion from me.  Here are some pictures of him opening his new prize, haha.






Last weekend Max pulled out a bunch of weedy... palm... thingys from our garden.  Before we are able to plant something new we have to kill all of the roots of the weedy palm thingys.  It was my job to drill the holes so that we can poison them.  I am not sure how well I did because the weedy palm thingys are still alive and thriving a week later, hummm.



A pretty flower in our yard.



Max replacing the front breaks on my car.  Such a handy husband :)





We finished the weekend off with a few drinks at our friends Peggy and Nate's house.  These are their beautiful dogs Kippy and Manfred.





Sunday night is not complete without some rum and wine!


This is Peggy (right) with her best friend Bronwyn.



Max and Manny


Beautiful Kippy.


The End.

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