Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sibling love.

The Bishops came by on Saturday morning to say hello and visit after Chloe and Ryan's soccer game.  Seeing Ryan and Chloe in their cute soccer outfits brought back memories of those early Saturday morning soccer games when I was a kid.  I was never any good and spent half the game tripping over the ball instead of kicking it, but I always had fun.

This the beautiful Chloe and handsome Ryan... aren't they cute!


I think they use Max's skateboards more often then he does!  
They are so good at entertaining themselves while the adults hangout and talk.






I was trying to get a cute picture of them together in their matching outfits... 
but like all little brothers, Ryan wanted nothing to do with Chloe.


He kept yelling, "Don't touch me... don't touch me!"  


Of course you can see from the huge grin and fits of giggles that he just can't stand the cuddles from his sister :)


Now there is the Chloe we all know and love :)


What did I learn from the 5 minutes of picture taking with two young kids??  
They move really fast and I have to be much quicker. Hummm... more practice I think!

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