Thursday, July 7, 2011

new computer.

About a two months ago I was sitting on the couch (probably watching TV) when I heard a big thud.  Our poor old Dell laptop had fallen off the side of the couch on to our wooden floor... oops!  When I first picked it up I didn't think much of it.  We (or maybe just I) had dropped it before but it was a pretty tough little thing and had always survived. However, later that night we realized the computer screen no longer worked... oops again!

Now, I will admit I had been wanting a new computer for quite some time, but I can assure you this was an accident (an accident I wasn't too sad about to be honest- because I DID actually want a new computer!).  A few months later, after much debate with my dear loving husband, we got a new computer... a Mac (my dream, haha).

Opening our Mac... so pretty and silver and new :)

computer1 copy

It didn't take long before the boys wanted a turn on the computer.



What ARE they looking at you ask?

computer3 copy

computer2 copy

Cars... to be more specific... Byron's first car.  Yes, age 14 is when the topic of "my first car" begins to come up (who knew?!?).  I am pretty sure Max and Byron spent about two hours looking at cars, deciding what car would be coolest, or fastest, or what ever it is that boys like about weird cars I don't really understand.  Either way, the new computer is a bit hit in the de Baugy house these days. You're welcome boys! 


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