Tuesday, July 19, 2011

impromptu sunday drive.

We woke up last Sunday to a beautiful, clear day.  After Mr Omelett made breakfast, we sat around talking about what we should do for the day.  Max wanted to work on his cars (shocker) but Nerissa and I wanted to go somewhere and enjoy the sunshine.  We decided a trip up the coast was in order.  So we loaded up the esky (cooler) with cheese and biscuits (crackers) and headed up the coast for Moffat Beach.  

Isn't it beautiful?!



Moffat's is the kind of place where you could see yourself spending every weekend.  There is good surf, beautiful beaches, places to eat... it is just great.  In fact, we thought it was so great that we began to dream about buying a unit up there so that we could ACTUALLY spend every weekend there.  We even went a bit further and spent the second half of the day looking at places to buy.  Isn't dreaming fun??  



It is still a bit cold here so we set up our cheese and biscuits in a nice sunny spot and watched the surfers.  It was great!


We were so distracted by the beautiful day that we somehow missed this HUGE bird come over to our cheese plate and help himself TO AN ENTIRE BLOCK OF CHEESE!! Sneaky little bugger!








It was a great impromptu day trip to Moffat Beach... dreaming and soaking up the sun.  Not bad for a winters day if you ask me!!

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