Friday, July 22, 2011

i'm a nerd... free cards.

I have a new hobby that makes my nerd level grow by ten.  One word- PHOTOSHOP. I have been having such a good time editing my photos and making new, fun things like these cards below. They are just like the ones you order online... only FREE and made my me!

Christmas Card 2

These are just a few examples of different kinds of cards I can make with my new hobby. Christmas cards, birth announcements, thank you cards, invitations, save the dates, etc.


The best part about my new hobby is that I actually really enjoy doing it :) So... if you want a custom made card, let me know! They are completely free and made with love.  

Christmas Card 1

I have also discovered digital scrapbooking (I know, I know... NERD!) and will share some of my creations on here later.
Christmas Card 3

If you are interested in me making you something, just let me know.  I'll need to know what you want (colours, message, etc) and a picture (or pictures because they can be made with more than one photo).  I'll save it as a jpg. image and all you have to do is take it to a photo place, or a website like snapfish, and print as many as you like.  THAT EASY!


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  1. This is amazing. I do believe you will be in charge of the Gildea Christmas cards this year!!!!!


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