Monday, July 4, 2011

celebrating the queen.

Every June on the Queen's birthday long weekend, Max and his friends gather their dirt bikes early on Saturday and head off in the cold, dark morning on a two day adventure.  They leave directly from our house and ride all day through the forest (or bush as they call it here) until they arrive at the Kenilworth pub late that night.  After at short night of drinking, they wake up early the next morning to do it all again but in the other direction.  

Naturally, because they are a group of boys, not one picture was taken on the entire trip.  Good thing I got this shot of a few of them... beers in hand... right after they arrived home tired, sore and VERY muddy!

Brett, Max and Nate after two straight days of riding.

Nate's muddy bike


A few pictures of Max's muddy bike and gear after the ride.





Until next year... Happy Birthday to the Queen :)

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