Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Above all else, Max is known for this overcooked meat on the BBQ. Whenever we have people over for a BBQ, they insist on taking the tongs and cooking the meat themselves. I mean, no one likes an over cooked sausage!  

On Friday night while Max was notoriously overcooking the sausages, something happened... something major and hot and fire-y! Max was inside talking to Nerissa and I about how great is was doing with dinner. When we walked outside to look at the BBQ we were greeted with a huge grease fire!! Both fortunately and unfortunately I wasn't able to get the camera in time to get a really great picture of the huge flames because Mr BBQ put the fire out fairly quickly.

This is a picture of the fire after it was under control.


Checking out the damage to see if the food was still eatable.  


This one didn't fair too well in the flames...


Fortunately Nerissa and I were in charge of the rest of the meal so we had a yummy salad...


cold drinks, good music...


and Tim Tams (of course!)


Oh my little BBQ man...  you strike again!


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