Wednesday, July 27, 2011

sibling love.

The Bishops came by on Saturday morning to say hello and visit after Chloe and Ryan's soccer game.  Seeing Ryan and Chloe in their cute soccer outfits brought back memories of those early Saturday morning soccer games when I was a kid.  I was never any good and spent half the game tripping over the ball instead of kicking it, but I always had fun.

This the beautiful Chloe and handsome Ryan... aren't they cute!


I think they use Max's skateboards more often then he does!  
They are so good at entertaining themselves while the adults hangout and talk.






I was trying to get a cute picture of them together in their matching outfits... 
but like all little brothers, Ryan wanted nothing to do with Chloe.


He kept yelling, "Don't touch me... don't touch me!"  


Of course you can see from the huge grin and fits of giggles that he just can't stand the cuddles from his sister :)


Now there is the Chloe we all know and love :)


What did I learn from the 5 minutes of picture taking with two young kids??  
They move really fast and I have to be much quicker. Hummm... more practice I think!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Above all else, Max is known for this overcooked meat on the BBQ. Whenever we have people over for a BBQ, they insist on taking the tongs and cooking the meat themselves. I mean, no one likes an over cooked sausage!  

On Friday night while Max was notoriously overcooking the sausages, something happened... something major and hot and fire-y! Max was inside talking to Nerissa and I about how great is was doing with dinner. When we walked outside to look at the BBQ we were greeted with a huge grease fire!! Both fortunately and unfortunately I wasn't able to get the camera in time to get a really great picture of the huge flames because Mr BBQ put the fire out fairly quickly.

This is a picture of the fire after it was under control.


Checking out the damage to see if the food was still eatable.  


This one didn't fair too well in the flames...


Fortunately Nerissa and I were in charge of the rest of the meal so we had a yummy salad...


cold drinks, good music...


and Tim Tams (of course!)


Oh my little BBQ man...  you strike again!


Friday, July 22, 2011

i'm a nerd... free cards.

I have a new hobby that makes my nerd level grow by ten.  One word- PHOTOSHOP. I have been having such a good time editing my photos and making new, fun things like these cards below. They are just like the ones you order online... only FREE and made my me!

Christmas Card 2

These are just a few examples of different kinds of cards I can make with my new hobby. Christmas cards, birth announcements, thank you cards, invitations, save the dates, etc.


The best part about my new hobby is that I actually really enjoy doing it :) So... if you want a custom made card, let me know! They are completely free and made with love.  

Christmas Card 1

I have also discovered digital scrapbooking (I know, I know... NERD!) and will share some of my creations on here later.
Christmas Card 3

If you are interested in me making you something, just let me know.  I'll need to know what you want (colours, message, etc) and a picture (or pictures because they can be made with more than one photo).  I'll save it as a jpg. image and all you have to do is take it to a photo place, or a website like snapfish, and print as many as you like.  THAT EASY!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

impromptu sunday drive.

We woke up last Sunday to a beautiful, clear day.  After Mr Omelett made breakfast, we sat around talking about what we should do for the day.  Max wanted to work on his cars (shocker) but Nerissa and I wanted to go somewhere and enjoy the sunshine.  We decided a trip up the coast was in order.  So we loaded up the esky (cooler) with cheese and biscuits (crackers) and headed up the coast for Moffat Beach.  

Isn't it beautiful?!



Moffat's is the kind of place where you could see yourself spending every weekend.  There is good surf, beautiful beaches, places to eat... it is just great.  In fact, we thought it was so great that we began to dream about buying a unit up there so that we could ACTUALLY spend every weekend there.  We even went a bit further and spent the second half of the day looking at places to buy.  Isn't dreaming fun??  



It is still a bit cold here so we set up our cheese and biscuits in a nice sunny spot and watched the surfers.  It was great!


We were so distracted by the beautiful day that we somehow missed this HUGE bird come over to our cheese plate and help himself TO AN ENTIRE BLOCK OF CHEESE!! Sneaky little bugger!








It was a great impromptu day trip to Moffat Beach... dreaming and soaking up the sun.  Not bad for a winters day if you ask me!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

an omelett.



The Chef and his favourite ingredient.



My favourite ingredient (duh!).  




The end product.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

cirque du soleil.

One of my friends of college, Ed, was (and still is) very good friends with some of the girls on the University of Florida gymnastics team. It just so happens that while Max and I were in Gainesville we ran in to Ed at dinner. While we were talking he mentioned that Corey, one of the UF gymnastics team members from a few years ago, was in Australia traveling with Cirque du Soleil.  One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had tickets to the Brisbane show!    

We weren't able to take pictures during the show... 
but here are a few from afterwards.


It was AMAZING and super special because I actually knew of the people performing in the show! I remember going to the gymnastics meets at UF and watching Corey Hartung perform. I was always so amazed at her talent and grace.  Now, to see her all the way on the other side of the world traveling with an incredible show like Cirgue de Soleil... it doesn't get better than that! It just goes to show you what a small world it really is and how the Gator Nation is truly EVERYWHERE :)


A special thanks to Corey and Ed for setting us up with these amazing tickets!! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

weekend at home.

Some scenes from a weekend at home:

When I first moved to Australia there were many things I had to get use to.  Australian's are so environmentally conscience and do everything to keep their electricity bills low.  Instead of using air conditioning they open the windows.  Dishes are washed by hand and power outlets are turned off at the wall.  It is amazing and really helps when the electricity bills comes!  As much as I love our dishwasher and walking in to a cool house in the heat of the summer, I have gotten use to using these items less and don't really mind not using them now.  There is one item however, that I have realized I need... I love... I can't live without!  THE DRYER.  I love the feeling of fluffy, warm, soft towels straight out of the dryer.  Max and Byron, on the other hand, love cardboard stiff, crunchy, air-dryed towels (yuck!).  To move on to the main point of this story, Max isn't the biggest fan of the clothes dryer.

All that being said... we DO actually have a dryer and I use it all of the time :) It is about 100 years old and sounds like an old dying cat when you turn it on- but it makes my towels soft and fluffy which makes me happy.

One night last week, for no particular reason, Max decided we needed a new dryer.  The man who loves crispy towels and sun-faded t-shirts WANTED A NEW DRYER?!?  I had no idea where this came from but let him go with it.  And one day later there is was- a brand new, beautiful dryer at our back door!  It is now officially in writing that MAX has purchased a dryer without any persuasion from me.  Here are some pictures of him opening his new prize, haha.






Last weekend Max pulled out a bunch of weedy... palm... thingys from our garden.  Before we are able to plant something new we have to kill all of the roots of the weedy palm thingys.  It was my job to drill the holes so that we can poison them.  I am not sure how well I did because the weedy palm thingys are still alive and thriving a week later, hummm.



A pretty flower in our yard.



Max replacing the front breaks on my car.  Such a handy husband :)





We finished the weekend off with a few drinks at our friends Peggy and Nate's house.  These are their beautiful dogs Kippy and Manfred.





Sunday night is not complete without some rum and wine!


This is Peggy (right) with her best friend Bronwyn.



Max and Manny


Beautiful Kippy.


The End.

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