Tuesday, June 21, 2011

baby jack and his first birthday.

On our last trip to the US, Max and I spent a short 36 hours in Boston celebrating my baby nephew's first birthday.  Isn't be BEAUTIFUL!?

Birthday kisses from Auntie Michelle

Make Way for Ducklings is a popular children's book written in 1941 that tells a story of two mallard ducks who decide to raise their family in a lagoon in the  middle of the Boston Public Gardens.  In honor of this lovely story, bronze statues of these characters were placed in the gardens.

In order to establish some kind of measure for Jack's first year of life, Jenny and Dave decided to take Jack to the ducks (come rain, hail or shine... or snow) for his picture each month.  Below is his 12 month picture with the baby ducks.

Jack's very first cupcake.  He loved it!

*I used a Canon Rebel T2i with 50mm lens to take all of the pictures above.  As this is my first post, I did very little editing on these images to  keep a natural look - and because I have no idea what I am doing yet, haha*


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