Saturday, December 31, 2011

a family christmas.

I must start this post by asking a favour of you... please disregard the incredibly bad quality of these photos. I was having some serious problems with my camera settings and couldn't seem to get anything right. Diagnosis- much more practice!


On Christmas Eve Eve the stockings were stuffed, the carols were blaring and the smell of pork roast and garlic was filling the house. Christmas Eve Eve was our last night with Byron and so Christmas came early at the de Baugy house.




After Christmas dinner we started opening gifts. Santa was very good to us this year!







(the hat Byron picked out for me- the Gator Nation is EVERYWHERE!)



We decided to get Byron his very own tools this year. I am not so good with the names of all of these tools, but he seemed really excited which is always a good thing! Let me tell you, buying Christmas gifts for a fifteen year old boy isn't easy.




The big gift was a 9 drawer tool box. Whooo hooo!


After all of the gifts were opened the boys headed straight for the shed to find a place for all of Byron's new toys.

Sure it wasn't technically Christmas morning. Sure the sun was setting instead of rising. Sure we had Christmas dinner before opening gifts instead of a big Christmas breakfast in the aftermath of the insanity that is Christmas Morning. But in the end does it really matter where or when you celebrate the holidays? Whether you are at your in-laws house instead of your own or travelling overseas. Whether you are splitting your time between two sides of your family or sick in the hospital. The celebration of a holiday can really be felt anytime you choose to celebrate it.

Having two families and finding the balance during the holidays can be tricky. But instead of making it about one particular day why not celebrate the Tuesday before or the Friday after... or maybe even on Christmas Eve Eve!

It was a wonderful night for our little family and I believe that is what really matters in the end.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

fairy light extravaganza.

Hi Friends! Hi Family!

We disappeared for a few days to really soak up the Christmas spirit but are now back and preparing for our New Years Eve camping trip to Rainbow Beach. I honestly think I might need a holiday after this holiday!


We have had a week filled with fairy lights (Christmas lights), green and red wrapping paper and family fun which included a quick trip to the local fairy light extravaganza (not the official name of course... just the one I gave it).


Every year there are many different Christmas decorating competitions held around Brisbane where families register their homes and compete against each other. Im not sure what the winners get... Money? Pride? Free electricity for the month of December??


While I don't see us participating, it is always fun to venture out looking for light displays in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It really gets you in the Christmas mood and reminds me of when I was a little girl driving through different neighborhoods with my mom and brother every night on our way home from swim practice. We would take a different way home each day in search of the best lights we could find. It was fun and something I hope we continue to do with our kids.


This house was listed as a "must see" in our local newspaper and let me just tell you- they were right! It was spectacular!

It turns out the rest of Brisbane heard about these lights too and it was packed when we arrived. Moms and Dads carrying their little ones dressed in Christmas themed jammies, running around mesmerized by the lights. Even with the crowds, it was great.


While these pictures really do no justice to all of the lights that were there, this little Santa riding a kangaroo has to be my favorite. It reminded me of the Santa's riding dolphins that they set up back home in Florida. Gotta love climate themed Santa's :)



So what about you? Any award winning fairy light displays near you??

major typo.

Leave it up to Max and I to misspell the word CHRISTMAS on our Christmas card this year... hahaha!!  Looks like we need to hire a new proofreader- one who will work for sour gummy worms and chocolate covered raisins of course.

Either way, Merry CHIRSTMAS or CHRISTMAS to all :) There is always next year to get that one right... right?!?!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

father and son outing.

Have you ever wondered what happens on those father and son outings?

Max is off for the holidays this week (while I am still at work....tear....) and so he has decided to take this opportunity to spend some quality time with Byron. In Max's words, "Byron will only be 15 once and soon he will probably not want to hang out with me anymore." Sweet dad if you ask me :)

Anyway, Max, Byron and a few other friends went on an adventure yesterday to Bribie Island and THIS is what they got up to.... Skurfing!

[These pictures and videos were taken by Ciara on Max's iphone.... pretty good quality for phone camera if you ask me!!]


[I love Max's big smile in this one!]

Here are two videos for your viewing pleasure:
(Driver: Max, Skurfer: Brett, Filmer: Ciara, The voice you hear laughing: Ryan)

Max and Byron often go off on day trips together and I have always wondered what it is they get up to. I guess now we know!

... I wonder what they will get up to today?!?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas rocks.

Last Friday was our end of year Christmas celebration at work. For the past 5-6 months a big part of my job has been running and assisting with Corporate and Community Engagement events (Scholarship Awards Ceremonies, Cocktail Parties, Research Evenings, Seminars…. etc.) and this event was no different. One of my colleagues, Debbie, planned and organised the overwhelming majority of this event and I just assisted in the days leading up to it.

Unlike Max’s work party with thousands of people where they hire buses, rent out venues with romantics views of the river, have endless food and lovely people to come refill your drink when the line gets below 1/3 full, we had a really down to earth party. During the day. On campus. With Secret Santa games. And plastic wines glasses. It is not that we don’t deserve a huge celebration in the city or party venues that overlook the Brisbane City sky line, but that just isn’t really ‘us’.

But a tropical Christmas themed roast lunch- yep, that is more our style!

The week before the party I kept reminding myself to stop by Big W (kind of like Walmart) and pick up one of those cheap, cheesy Christmas t-shirts. I wear corporate attire most days and just wanted to be fun and casual at the Christmas party. Well, it turns out my mental reminders failed and I found myself at Big W on Friday morning searching for a t-shirt.


And this is the ONLY one I could find. It is a little boys t-shirt that says “Xmas Rocks” with a crazy tattooed Santa (and yes I now realize I was making the ‘I love you’ hand gesture instead of the ‘rock out’ hand gesture I was meaning to make…. I guess I am just not that hardcore anymore, haha).


Anyway, back to the Christmas party- It was a tropical Christmas theme laced with palm trees, fake snow and Hawaiian leis. Here in the southern hemisphere it is dead summer by the time Christmas rolls around and although we may have had ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and songs about warm fires and snow covered sleighs playing in the background, the tropical theme was out and flying it’s colours high.    






We even had our very own hula girl handing out the leis (thanks Alyce!).



Now I have never photographed an event like this before, but I think you can tell by all of the smiles and laughter that was captured- everyone was having a really great time!


[Gaynor and Carolyn]

[Haley, Carolyn, Me, Laurel, Gaynor and Courtney]


[the seceret santa gifts]



After everyone had eaten lunch we broke out the "Thieving Santa" game (a different take on the nicer version of the typical "Secret Santa" game)


[Alyce and Nayana]

[Tynnielle and Mircea]

[Dianna and Julie]


[Carolyn and Paul]

[Nancy stealing Alyce's gift]


[Diana stealing Carolyn's money tree]

Speaking of this gift... I had never seen this before so please excuse me if this is an old idea but what a creative idea for a Secret Santa gift! It is just a simple tree made of cardboard with curled scratchies (lottery tickets) attached. A MONEY TREE- so clever and super fun if you ask me!

[Alyce and Ashley]


[David, Nicci and Nancy]

[Tynnielle- the final winner of the money tree- and Doug]

[Alyce and I]

Well, that about sums up the 2011 USQ Staff Christmas Party.



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